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Every year, around 1000 young people from various countries meet together, separated by the languages, but united by the universal language of music.
The Eurochestries festivals gather symphony and string orchestras, choirs or music chamber ensembles of young people, from 15 to 25 years old, with a good musical experience. Some projects also welcome individual musicians.
These festivals carry values of meetings between the young people of the various countries, the touristic and linguistic discoveries, and naturally the musical exchanges between the musicians, but also the public.
The numerous concerts allow these young musicians to emphasize their orchestra and their country. Also, they discover the region of the festival, its heritage and his inhabitants.
During each festival, the musicians of the participating orchestras play in concerts with their own program, but also work together mixing nationalities to prepare for the closing concert. This originality allows the Eurochestries rich moments for musical, humanly and cultural exchanges for the young musicians. It is the opportunity for these young musicians to meet around a strong common project, to discover other pedagogies, other musical sensibilities and to work with various conductors.

The international federation coordinates the Eurochestries festivals, livens up and develops the network of orchestras, musicians, composers, universities, music schools, and partners, from 37 different countries.

The music we share

The Eurochestries have published a book tracing back its activities since 1989.

«The music we share» mentions the Eurochestries’ philosophy, whose goal is both to gather young people from different countries from 15 to 25 years-old thanks to music, and to bring classical music of quality into the rural areas, far from the big spectacle places.

couverture livreIt also illustrates the 72 Eurochestries festivals organized in France and abroad since 1989, but also the other musical actions organized (partner festivals, orchestra tours, international master-classes, etc.)

It refers to more than the 320 orchestras that have participated, from 34 different countries, so that is about 20,000 musicians. Also to the conductors, to the musicians, to the composers and to the musical masterpieces.

Some examples of life process are also illustrated : some young Americans who have become international artists after participating to the Eurochestries ; testimonies of musicians whose coming to the Eurochestries have been important in their lives; “international” marriages made after the festivals; also some conductors who have left too early, etc.

At last, the book illustrates the values that the Eurochestries bring to the young participants as well as to the public: commitment, the sense of effort, responsibility, discovery, international fraternity, etc...




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Individuals, businesses, contribute to the promotion and dissemination of symphonic music and cultural exchange between young musicians from around the world.

A word of the president

The Eurochestries, Festival of Youth Symphonic Orchestras, develops its image across Europe by its willingness to gather and bring together young musicians and singers, conductors and composers. The Eurochestries contribute to the development of trade policy in favour of youth orchestras.

Europe represents a great hope for this musical youth : developing an artistic brotherhood."

Claude Révolte