To participate to 2015 festivals

26th edition

To participate in the festivals this summer.

France (Charente-Maritime Deux-Sèvres) , Brazil, Mexico , Quebec and Russia are on the program this year.

1812 Concert de Clôture à Pons Eurochestries jacky Berthelot

- Mexico (Tepoztlan) : from July 5th to 15th
Conditions to participate
- France (Department of Deux-Sèvres) : from July 5th to 12th
Conditions to participate
- Brasil (Sobral) : from July 11th to 23th
Conditions to participate
- France (Charente-Maritime) : from August 2th to 14th
Conditions to participate
- Canada (Quebec): from August 16th to 26th
Orchestras: Conditions to participate
Musicians: Festival and master-class: Conditions to participate
- Russia (Syzran - festival in partnership) : from 17 till 24 of August

To take part in the festivals in 2015, contact us This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We'll send us more informations.

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Conditions and procedure for the orchestras and the choirs to participate in the festivals Eurochestries


The participation to a festival Eurochestries supposes :


Stage 1 - to acquaint and to accept the conditions of participation of the festival in which the orchestra or the choir wishes to participate.


Stage 2 - to make a request of participation with the Federation of the festivals Eurochestries by means of the form " Application for the participation to a festival 2015"


Stage 3 - After favorable opinion of the president of the Federation of the festivals Eurochestries and the organizer of the festival, sign the contract of participation signed jointly by these, by paying the contribution to the Federation of the festivals Eurochestries.


No orchestra or choir will be authorized to participate in a festival without having followed this procedure : preliminary request with the Federation of the festivals Eurochestries, the signature of the contract of partnership by the three parts, payment of the contribution at the time of the signature of the contract.


The registration of the orchestra/choir will be effective only after the payment of this contribution.


Application to participate in a Festival Eurochestries 2015