Festivals 2018 A musical marvel!

0969 14 pons clôture Eurochestries Jacky BERTHELOT5 festivals in 2018
- 25 orchestras, choirs et music chamber ensembles took part: 7 symphony orchestras, 1 string orchestras, 2 chamber orchestra, 2 choirs, 6 music chamber groups.

- 1000 young musicians
- 13 countries: Brazil, Canada, China, Spain, Estonia, France, Ireland, Mexico, Norway, New-Zeland, Russia, Ukraine.
- 120 concerts
- 30 000 spectators

- 1 guest conductors : Louis Lavigeur in France - Charente Maritime.

- 2  guest composers Sylvain Marchal (France) in Canada (Québec) with the creation of his piece of music "D'Une rive l'autre" (eurochestries order) and Louis Babin (Canada) in China with his creation in China of his piece "Saint-Exupéry: de coeur, de sable et d'étoiles" (2012 Eurochestries order)

Thank you to all the organizers :

Association Eurochestries Charente Maritime (France, Charente Maritime et adjacent department), Beijing Philharmonic Culture Exchange CO., Ltd (China), Camp Musical Saint Alexandre of Kamouraska, Baie-Saint-Paul city and Cegep Saint Foy (Canada, Quebec)
Festivals in partnership : Syzran city (Russia) and JOSEM (Youth Symphonic Orchestras Entre Deux-Mers)

Thank you to all their partners, to the cities and venues

Thank you to all the people who work for these nice meetings to come true...

Let's meet together next year for the 30th Eurochestries anniversary !!

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