Festivals 2016 A great success !

- 14 countries : Spain, Russia, France, Estonia, Brazil, China, Mexico, Canada, Belarus, Poland, Latvia, Bulgaria, Finland and Ireland.


- 870 young musicians participated, through 26 groups : 1012 Cloture jonzac 11 08 08 16 allégée

7 symphonic orchestras, 3 string orchestras, 1 chamber orchestra, 3 choirs, 5 music chamber groups, 6 wind ensembles, 1 accordion orchestra. 54 "individual" musicians took part in the international orchestras.


- 101 concerts : in France (Vienne, Charente Maritime, Charente, Gironde departments; Paris region), in Canada  (Kamouraska, Baie-Saint-Paul, Quebec) and in  Russia (Syzran)


- 38 000 spectators


- Come invited conductors, composers and teachers:

The festivals were welcomed :

- 3 invited conductors : James Sparks (Canada) and Normunds Dregis (Latvia) in France.

- 1 composer-in-residence for the creation de his piece : Yves Bouillot (France), for « Rhapsodie albanaise ».

- Dr Adeline Stervinou, researcher, (Brazil-France) attended  the festivals in France and in Russia.

- Dr Marco Toledo, researcher, (Brazil) attended  the festival in Canada.


The closing concerts, gathering the musicians of the festival in international orchestras, finished the festivals in a blaze of glory.


- Thank you to all the organizers :

ADAEM (France - Vienne Department), Association Eurochestries Charente Maritime (France, Charente Maritime and bordering departments), Camp musical Saint-Alexandre (Canada, Kamouraska), International concert in Baie-St-Paul (Canada), Tournées musicales internationales in Quebec (Canada), Association "Le Concert de Monsieur de Saint-George" (France, concert in Paris Region), Department of Culture of Syzran City (Russia)


- Thank you to all ther partners, to the cities and venues


- Thank you to all the people who work for these nice meetings to come true...


... Let's meet together again in 2017 !!

panneau bienvenue

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