ricardo silverio

Director of the Musical school : Ricardo Silvero


francisco escobarDirector of the festival :

Francisco Escobar


City of Punta Umbria

From 2006 to 2009

Internationale Master Class

The Eurochestries Festival in Punta Umbria was launched in 2006 by Francisco Escobar, director of the Music Conservatory of the Punta Umbria town, near Huelva, in Andalusia. Like the other festivals of our network, these young instrumentalists coming from all over Europe has stayed together for ten days in southern Spain, between Cadiz and the Portuguese border, both to play their own directory at the dozen concerts in the territory, but also prepare together a common work to be performed at the concert by the "great European orchestra" created for the occasion.


The Festival welcomed every year a little over 130 musicians for about twelve concerts in the territory of Huelva, and this to the delight of many spectators who come each year.


The reception took place in a privileged place at the seaside, in apartments of 2, 3 or 4 people. This friendly nice place gave the instrumentalists the needed comfort and calm for the best conditions in preparation for their performance. These seaside infrastructures allowed musicians to visit this charming fishing port and the city center, typically Andalusian.