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1410 Concert de Clôture à Jonzac Eurochestries jacky Berthelot



Claude REVOLTEPresident :

Claude Révolte



anne bernardDirector of the festival :

Anne Bernard




Cities of Jonzac and Pons

Next festival: from July 30th till August 12th 2018

Tel : +33 (0)5 46 48 25 30

During the festival : 05 46 91 86 30

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This Festival is the oldest of our network and welcomes every year around 300 instrumentalists coming from whole Europe and sometimes from the whole world because our Federation got closer to Russia, to China, to India, to Brazil and to Quebec.1811 Concert de Clôture à Pons Eurochestries jacky Berthelot


It is also the longest Festival with a meeting of almost two weeks, punctuated with around fifty concerts spread on all the territory of Charente-Maritime.


Every morning of the Festival are used for the interational rehearsals constituted by the orchestras of any nationalities, in order to prepare the two closing concerts which take place every year in Jonzac and in Pons.


Symphonic orchestras, strings orchestras, choirs, and music chambers can participate. The reception is made within the Secondary school of Pons. This place allows to insure a well-balanced catering as well as a friendly and nice place of life. This infrastructure situated in the city center of Pons allows the instrumentalists to visit easily this medieval town.


Furthermore, the Festival is anchored between earth and sea, allowing to offer to the musicians varied tourist discoveries, going from Atlantic Coasts to the hillsides of the countries of Cognac and Pineau.

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This Festival is realized with the valuable support of our partners



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