Brasil Sobral




marco toledoDirector of the Festival :

Marco Toledo



Next festival : 2019


This event was born in 2013 from the initiative of Marco Toledo, Doctor of musicology, professor at the Federal University of Ceará - Campus of Sobral. After joining the Eurochestries movement in 2008, participated in the festival in Charente Maritime during several years, he then decided to create a Eurochestries festival in his country, as the values ​​conveyed by the Eurochestries mean a lot for him. As for all the Eurochestries festivals, an international symphony orchestra was created and played at the final concert.

 As for each Eurochestries festival, an international symphonic orchestra is created for the clausure concert. This festival welcomed for this first year principally chamber music ensemble and musicians from diferent brasilian campus . Organized with the help of Sobral Campus (Ceara University), the festival oragnised numerous master class by inviting conductors and internationals stakeholders. It is resolutly turned to musical pedagogy.